PMU Weekend (Lips That Stick + Eyeliner)

PMU Weekend (Lips That Stick + Eyeliner)

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Course Material: 

Permanent Makeup - Lips (Broken Lip Line/Shape Correction, Give illusion of A Fuller Pout, Lip Candy, Lip Enhancement, Lip Ombré Blush, Full Lip Color Blush & Defining The Lip-line)

Permanent Makeup - Eyeliner (Classic Eyeliner + Lashline Enhancement, Manuel Method Design &Saturation Proper Depth & Stretch)


Course Includes: 

Machine Included

Goodie Bag 

Live Demo

Blood Bourne Pathogens required 


Course Requirements:

Proof PMU Certification

Blood Bourne Pathogen Certificate 

Bring Your Own Model (Can be supplied with advanced notice.)